CM Punk leaving WWE?

Frequent doghoused WWE wrestler CM Punk has announced on Raw that he is leaving the company when his contract expires on July 17. Furthermore, with the Money in the Bank PPV happening on the same date, Punk stressed that since he is also the Number One Contender, he intends to leave the WWE with the title with him.

For months now, it was speculated that CM Punk wanted time off to check out other possible endeavours. While TNA is a possibility, Punk will probably not go there.

Going there is like asking for genital herpes.

It’s possible that the WWE is milking the issue which is a great way to bring drama to the world of combat make believe. But is CM Punk really leaving the WWE?

First of all... no.

And that’s about it.

I don’t know how American people do things but... who hires people on a 17? Sure, there are cases that this could have been true but on a 17? Given that Punk is a contractual talent, but let’s remember that Punk was not a big star when he was signed in the WWE. Sure he was popular in the Ring of Honor, TNA, and the indy circuit but he is no Goldberg or Hulk Hogan. And even if he was, WWE will still follow protocol. Also aside from not being hired at the 1st or 16th day of the month (17 is sure near 16), the end of his contract will happen on a Sunday.

But with that out of the way, WWE wouldn’t hype this storyline if this will end bad for them. Punk should’ve signed a contract with the WWE to get this push. With the depth deficit of both Raw and Smackdown rosters, WWE cannot afford losing Punk. Almost all of the NXT guys with the exception of Alex Riley failed to sustain their strong start. John Cena and Randy Orton need to have the belts because there are no credible babyfaces left to carry the belt. Undertaker and Triple H are in hiatus right now and Raw had to use Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock to generate genuine LOUD cheers.

The problem with real-life drama is that it can easily be milked. This is why TNA overextended the Jeff Jarrett versus Kurt Angle, the Matt Hardy versus Edge storyline destroyed the Kane angle, and the Stone Cold versus Jake The Snake story arc made Austin who he is today.

Hopefully the CM Punk issue is a mere storyline.

And then... maybe they should restructure their depth chart so that the future can be fused with the present day stars.

Game over.


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