Gayer than Glee

At 2011 MTV Movie Awards, Twilight star Robert Pattinson kissed Taylor Lautner right in the lips.

As if Twilight wasn’t gay already.

I mean... no disrespect to the gay community but...

... Eww.

But seriously, except for Pattinson though, both Kristen Stewart and Lautner administered bad acting during the whole skit. Yes people, for those who don’t know, the winners have been predetermined weeks before the awards proper. The director had it bad also because he revealed Lautner when the two were fighting in front of the award. In a way, people expected a program that combines the three doing something “comedic”.

Despite kissing Lautner, Pattinson acted like a bro in hinting in doing something to Stewart backstage while Lautner giggled in glee with the incident.

And yeah, this was gayer than Glee too.

The creepy man to man masculinity malfunction didn’t save Pattinson’s manhood but the backstage comment, and whooping it up on another segment that featured Reese Witherspoon (to which he said “Fuck You” in the process) made an obviously-intoxicated Pattinson some sort of borderline Adonis.

This is why I give him a Pokemon card.

And by the way...

... I would have voted Black Swan’s Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis as Best Kiss.

Game over!


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