Google Remembers Les Paul

Who knew Google could be a stress buster?

Researching just became a soothing experience with Google’s newest take on their logo.

In tribute to Les Paul’s 96th birthday, the smart people at Google made their logo playable. You can just flick your mouse on the “strings” and an awesome tune blurts out. You can just literally move the cursor and a righteous melody will take place.

I admit that I don’t know the guy. If I knew him, then I wouldn’t be surprised with the current Google theme. I’m not really a music know-it-all... I do research well for those keeping tabs.

But I’m glad that I’m curious. Les Paul was always curious which is why he did a lot of things to quench his thirst for knowledge. I’m curious because I want to know things – so that I won’t look like an idiot when the situation arises and he becomes a topic for discussion.

Jon Bon Jovi lead guitarist Richie Sambora calls Paul as a revolutionary in the music business. U2 guitarist The Edge says that his legacy as a musician and an inventor will live on and his influence on rock and roll will never be forgotten. On a personal note, former Guns and Rose axeman Slash remembers him as a vibrant man full of positive energy.

Paul was a legendary guitarist whose career spanned almost 75 years. More than anything, fans remember him for his musical innovations. The Gibson Les Paul is one of the first and most-known electric guitars in the world. Famous users include Slash, Jimmy Page, Gary Moore, Peter Frampton, and Eric Clapton. When Clapton used the guitar, The Gibson Les Paul returned to prominence.

Another is that he improved the then-recording studios. He perfected the quality of sound design. He used multi-tracking, as well as overdubbing to further enrich his song’s sound. This also led a slew of vocalists to collaborate with him, including Bing Crosby and ex-wife Mary Ford.

He has passed on a couple of years ago (2009) but his legacy lives on and lucky for us unfamiliar with his work, Google gave us an opportunity to remember him.

So this is how a fine-tuned guitar sounds like!

When I learned how to strum easy chords like D-A-G-A, G-D-C, and G-D-Em-C (these are the only things I can ever do without straining my fingers), I tried to fine-tune a guitar and the sound I produced resembled a cat mating call!

Hopefully this Google theme will last a bit longer!

Game over!


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