Health Worker Demonstrates How to Put Condom Using Your Mouth

Often, the most awesome concepts come from the unlikeliest of products.

For example, check out the ad campaign of Condom Shop. Condom Shop positioned itself as the leading adult supplier in Australia. In their campaign, they had a bunch of naked men doing dangerous jobs. For them, not wearing condoms is synonymous to singlehood suicide – health-wise and lifestyle-wise. This is why the importance of protecting oneself is extremely exaggerated.

Here are the rest of Condom Shop’s campaign.

While suggesting concepts like this is easy, getting the approval to execute this type of campaign is next to impossible. Frankly, the Philippines is not ready for raunchy and sensually-laced commercials.

Still, this is an idea I want to steal and use in the near future.

And speaking of condoms, I got this link from BJ Downey’s Facebook page. In lieu of the current debate between those who are in favor and against the Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill), here is a funny clip that should make you giddy.

The woman you are about to see may or may not be the “Sensei of Sex” but she hands out handy knowledge your parents will never teach. The knowledge she will share solves the age old problem of serving, protecting, and... UNLEASHING THE FURY! This video will teach single females of all ages on the proper way of avoiding pregnancy... using your mouth.

All I can say is... shet... Manang Health Worker is awesome!

With this clip, I am now sold that condoms should have flavors.

Game over!


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