The Jar Jar Binks Lollipop

My friend Hyubs thought it was a good idea to send me this image. This is basically a Jar Jar Binks lollipop. Some brainiac thought it’s nice for kids, girls, and other beings to suck Jar Jar Binks’ tongue.

Damn you... 

Damn you.

While I was never a Star Wars fan, I thought this character was the worst possible way to use state-of-the-art technology. While I get some of the cheesy figures of the franchise, this stands out because of its annoying face, nonsensical existence, and undeniable worthlessness.

I don’t hate the idea of sucking crappy cartoon characters. If this was a Star Trek lollipop I wouldn’t mind sucking Worf’s tongue. Hell, a George Takei tongue lollipop (I said tongue lollipop) is not a bad idea also.

But anything but this buttmunch.

Extravagating Jar Jar Binks’ existence is not a great way to propagate life.

Game over. 


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