John Wall sucks at pitching!

He should have stayed at home. 

If not for Blake Griffin missing out a year and starting his rookie season in the same season as him, John Wall should have been the rookie of the year. Once the Washington Wizards acquire a decent scorer especially in the small forward position, expect Wall’s star to boost.

Wall could have used an old school version of Gilbert Arenas. Too bad what he got was a gun-toting nut that the Wizards wanted to boot out (they got their wish but the consequences from that trade let them to acquire the 19 million per season salary of Lebron James’ favourite NBA player at the moment, Rashard Lewis).  

He will get his team eventually. When he gets that, expect the Wizards to have numerous playoff appearances and him to have all-star treatment.

These reasons are enough for him to concentrate on his basketball career.

Transferring to baseball?


Whoopsie! I throw like a girl! 

Pitching is like a halfcourt heave or nailing a cross court pass... but with a target facing you. So with Wall’s skills it is easy for him to pitch, right?


People are claiming Wall’s pitch is a tad better than Mariah Carey’s.

You decide what’s worse. 

Game over.


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