Jose Rizal could have been an awesome blogger

Jose Rizal was considered as one of the most brilliant Filipinos ever.

He was a jack of all trades and his passion for Philippine sovereignty boosted everyone’s yearning for independence.

Noli Me Tangere is one of the best Filipino novels I have ever read. Let’s just forget about the reason for the book for just one sec. It was a well-written novel that had a great ensemble of characters and situations. While people hate Padre Damaso for constantly blurring the lines of church and state, Padre Salvi was an annoying dick who likes to put his junk on virginal lasses.

I hate him more!

Anyway, I can’t help the fact that his novel caused a rift between Rizal and the friars. When people are forcing him to stop, he responded with the equally stunning El Filibusterismo. This time El Fili is a more violent take than Noli, as exemplified by Simeon who is the Stone Cold Steve Austin version of Crisostomo Ibarra.

That didn’t fare well with the Spaniards.

I see Rizal as one of the most awesome literally wizards ever. I also see him as one of the most awesome champions of Filipinos. If he was living now, he could have been a popular figure in the field of social and political commentary. I can't say if he'll be an activist (he could but not as much as Andres Bonifacio if he was living in this time) but I'm guessing he'll have a better way in looking at things. 

In the 150th year of his birth, let us remember the achievements and sacrifices he made.

Game over.