Kiai versus MMA

Vladimir Guarina shared me this link on Facebook.

I have no idea Kiai is but apparently it can kick people’s asses by aggressively shouting at the enemy. Perhaps this is where Ryu and Ken’s power originated but I think these people believe that Hadoken exists in real life.

Good for them.

It looks kinda fruity but with the way the master describes the combat art, it looks solid enough for people to care for it. Still, it’s hard to understand why people with brute strength could lose because a guy merely shouts “KIAI” at them.

Still I wouldn’t beat this concept up like the ones that developed this are nuts. I remember when I was playing Counterstrike. I would shout like a gay guy that saw a topless pic of a random hot person each time I engage with an enemy. The results often vary but there were times that shouting like a moron dictated the outcome of that duel.

Here is a clip of a Kiai master going head-to-head against an actual MMA fighter in front of spectators and his students.

This will not end great for one of them and with the way I described Kiai, I think the winner isn’t a shocker.

Game over.


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