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He was a Dallas fan before my friends (as well as I) became Dallas fans.

Yes, Edson Ortega... the Dallas Mavericks are newly-crowned NBA Champions. You should be happy. You have every right to. Now every Lebron James fan would scorn you...

Wait... this reminded me of your Facebook post.

I have no idea what Lebron James did to Al S. Mendoza but this columnist was seriously pissed at “The King”. He is probably a Miami Heat fan (not really a Lebron fan) that got frustrated because Lebron failed to make his presence felt. For my international readers (naks) Bobo is Pinoy slang for dumb or stupid. Hunghang could be a lamebrain and there was a part of his column that wanted Lebron to change his name to something... less appealing.

Game over.


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