Lebron and Wade mock Dirk's sickness

At the start of Game 5, two-thirds of Miami Heat’s dreaded Big Three combo Dwyane Wade and Lebron James were seen “mocking” Dallas Mavericks star player Dirk Nowitzki’s coughing.

Nowitzki, the consensus choice for Finals MVP when the Mavericks clinch the NBA Finals, have been under the weather as of late because of fever. Normally, Wade doesn’t do this much of shenanigans and while I expect this on the scene-stealing Lebron James, I can say that both are just caught in the moment. For a guy playing this well, it is understandable why Wade and James would belittle the Deutscheman’s illness.


So is Dirk faking it?

Because with the way he is playing right now, Wade and James aren’t really buying it.

They could have just said their inquiries appropriately. German people could find the joke’s delivery a bit racist.

As if the David Hasselhoff tag is not enough.

Nowitzki is shrugging this off though to the point that this is a non-issue. There is only one thing in Dirk’s mind right now and that is to win the NBA title.

Game over.


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