Lebron gets burned on the Bad Teacher trailer!

I am hoping to catch this movie whether on cinema or download. Hopefully I get to catch this on cinema because Cameron Diaz is great when doing perky roles, I am a fan of Justin Timberlake, and I need to have reason to watch a Jason Segel movie after that horrendous flick Gulliver’s Travels.

Have you seen the trailer of Bad Teacher? Cameron Diaz stars as a crappy teacher that had to straighten up to get money and get self-respect. It’s a comedy so hopefully it makes people laugh.

Anyway, there was a part of this trailer where Jason Segel fought with some kid when the kid said Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan.

How timely.

By the way, Jason Segel and whoever wrote this, concocted an awesome burn that should make Lebron giddy with anger.

Lebron will hate this film trailer if he finishes his career “ring-less”.

Game over.  


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