Lebron James for Kyrie Irving???

A couple of days ago, I was PM-ing my Lebron James-hating friend Jorge Cosgayon.

Oh scratch that.

He DOESN’T hate Lebron James per se. He just hates the fact that people are overhyping him.

Anyway with the 2011 NBA Draft nearing, he unleashed a thought-provoking question:

What if Lebron James returns to Cleveland for a random player and the first pick overall?

Will Miami accept this?

Will Cleveland accept this?

If you look at it, Miami hasn’t been all too giddy at the fact that Lebron James has goat-ish tendencies when the game is on the line. This is a fact that engulfed the “King” during the 2011 NBA Finals. He plays like a king in the first three quarters but in the payoff quarter, Lebron plays like a CHESS king.

Meanwhile, Cleveland claimed another top pick. This is the Cleveland Cavaliers’ fourth time to pick first. In 1971, Austin Carr was picked first and in 1986, Brad Daugherty became the second.

The third? That happened in 2003 when they selected Lebron James.


Duke Blue Devils’ Kyrie Irving looms to be the Cavaliers’ fourth top pick. Hopefully he’ll be a better choice than Carr and Daugherty who both produced great numbers but were saddled by injuries... and James who produced great numbers but is a ginormous tool.

However, Lebron is still Lebron.

Like him or not, he is Cleveland’s most important player. That is why you can’t blame the city of Cleveland for laying waste on their departed hero (he went to Miami). If the two teams are willing, the trade could be a doable one. Whether or not Cleveland does this to spite Lebron (for instance, ONLY using him during the fourth quarter), this will become another newsworthy event bent to rock the NBA landscape. Irving on the other hand, can learn playing next to Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. Irving has the championship pedigree of Duke and exemplifying it is never a bad thing.

And more importantly, I can root for Miami again.

However, sorry to burst your bubbles... but that trade will never happen.

It will be reserved in one’s dreams. A more realistic fantasy could be that Lebron will continue to help the Heat while Kyrie Irving and the fourth pick that could possibly be either Brandon Knight or Enes Kanter would jumpstart the franchise to at least improve their abysmal last season. Hopefully Irving could have the same success Derrick Rose is enjoying but without a proper squad to back him up, Irving would likely struggle playing for a weak team.

Actually, a more realistic way of looking at this is that Lebron will never play for the Cavaliers ever again as long as Lebron is successful in his individual exploits and Paul Gilbert is still the owner of the organization. Of course, Miami would never ever want to part with their merchandising vehicle but if they would they would probably send Lebron to a team that would use him properly on court and off.

Still, if a Lebron – Irving/random guy trade should happen... that would be cool.

Game over.


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