Lebron on Dwyane Wade's Junk: IT'S AMAZING!

I’m going to do a “Better luck next time” post about the guys from South Beach before the week ends.

With the Haters winning against the Heaters, it is time for me to hang up my hate towards Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and ugh... Lebron James (this will take time). I remember when I cheered for Dwyane Wade when he single-handedly towed Miami in the 2006 NBA Finals. I remember always trading for Chris Bosh whenever I play a NBA game in any given console because I liked how his lean frame can massively inflict damage.

I also remember how Lebron James changed the atmosphere in Cleveland from an underachieving squad to a playoff contender.

Too bad he douched things up with that dick-ish departure.

But first, here is a Youtube uploader concocting a tale on Lebron James reaction when he first saw Dwyane Wade’s junk.  

Game over.


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