Lebron Stuffs...

Lebron stuffs his fingers to his nose.

I saw the image in Francis Villanueva’s Facebook Page.

Yeah… Lebron James is just applying his tried and tested formula to properly “grip” the ball.

However, this will also give his opponents that sticky grip on the ball so I think this tactic is a double-edged sword.

And then I got this from Lexter Zamora’s Facebook page.

Yes, this is a Saturday Night Live clip of which he hosted. In some ways, it is entertaining but the sight of a 6’8 man who has the build of Karl Malone, the athleticism of Julius Erving, and the dramatic capabilities of Rick Fox (see his movies) can also be disturbing.

And for the person who captured the image and for the person who produced the SNL skit, let me pay you homage.



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