Pangarap Lang Kita (choose your favorite version)

There is a reason why Parokya ni Edgar is still the best active band STILL existing today. Sure, you have these bands spawning here and there but they have been successfully rocking out for almost two decades now. They have their distinct style and you pad it with their awesomeness.

One great thing about PNE is that they now that they are in a multimedia business. Some bands have cool music but couldn’t get any mainstream following because they lack oomph.

PNE oozes with oomph!

If you don’t believe what I’m saying, check out their Pangarap Lang Kita music video.

In their latest album called Middle-Aged Juvenile Novelty Pop Rockers, they have two versions of the single. One cut has Chito Miranda sharing vocal chores with Happee Sy. This version has a tamer, acoustic feel with the two letting the listener feel that they are star-crossed lovers. Model Sab Anupol and Mula Sa Puso star JM De Guzman are the ones playing the cutesy parts in the video.  

In the other version, PNE dishes out their comedic goodness with Chito Miranda singing the same exact song and tone with their resident backup singer, Vinci Montaner. While it’s funny as hell... it’s kind of disturbing.

And playing the cutesy parts in the video?

One is romantic... the other is puzzling.

One has a cute chick... the other has a cute... cheek (with peeking sideburns and all).

What do you think?

What version is your favourite?

Game over. 

(By the way, I'm going to credit Marc Baluyan for sharing the link on his Facebook page.)


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