Pau Gasol apologizes for bizaare, avant-garde sex tape Thi

This is Jason Kidd smelling Pau Gasol's armpit. 

The Onion’s Sports Zone exposed LA Lakers’ power forward Pau Gasol’s alleged sex videos.

Pau Gasol has been in the hot seat for some time now after his ineffective showing at the 2011 NBA Playoffs. Trade rumors have been surfacing following the retirement of Phil Jackson and the acquisition of former Cleveland Cavaliers coach Mike Brown. Then, the bone-headed plays Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum did in their Dallas series could incur some payback after a slew of Laker lovers led by legendary Magic Johnson wanted a team that doesn’t clothesline unsuspecting less than 6’0 players. 

Not to mention Kobe Bryant is regally pissed as of this moment. 

For what it’s worth... the porn has this artsy 70’s feel. It was created by Gasol alongside an Oriental chick in what was supposed to be a college project. Anyway, here are a couple of scenes from Physiology of Desire.

In my speculation, I doubt if this is Pau Gasol. Maybe this is just some stoner with a long hair and beard.

Besides, the silly stuffs are reserved for the guys who cry at their locker rooms.

Say what?

Game over.


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