Skeletor is Out of Place

Here’s the thing – sometimes you are put on a spot that you need to break out. You get that feeling that you don’t belong and before you know it, you’re sucked in a space that you shouldn’t be in.

This is the feeling that Skeletor must be in right now.

Just because he is a skull with a muscular body, doesn’t mean he has no feelings. Fact is, being the main antagonist of the Master of Grayskull has its perks... and un-perks. Grayskull is nothing more than Skeletor’s security blanket.

And please, the people surrounding him cannot fulfil his yearnings for intellectual companionship.

Yes, this evil, when taken away from his humble abode... is undeniably heart-rending. He’s pretty much better off getting his ass handed to him by He-Man. At least He-Man has Man-At-Arms on his side.

By the way, what kind of parent would name her son Man-At-Arms?

Anyway, here are a bunch of images where we can see how out of place is Skeletor.

By the way, researching Skeletor gave me an insight on the five worst names at He-Man’s universe.

They basically think it’s mean to chance the letter “E” to letter “O”. Throughout the series’ run, they had a bunch of unimaginative names like Ninjor, Stinkor, Spikor, and Webstor. By the way in case you’re reading this, Webstor is in not an evil dictionary... it’s an evil spider-man! If you’re keeping tabs, Panthor is the evil equivalent of Battlecat.

What in the world did the writer smoked to come up with this name? That is a mystery. The character also sucked as a villain because whenever he sneak attacks his uncontrollable glow in the dark glow makes it impossible for him to do so.  

This is an evil crab. While I admit, he is a tolerable villain and his arsenal is pretty mean... how can you actually take this guy seriously with that name?

Yes I know, he’s from the She-Ra part of the universe but as if I’m going to do a She-Ra blog.



Anyway, the name can either be two things. Mantenna can be a cool name for your crotch or Mantenna can be synonymous to Gay-dar.

Either way it sounds gay.

She is an evil sorceress. I have no idea what’s her feelings toward Skeletor but it seems like Skeletor only wants her as a friend.

Skeletor could be gay.

Parents everywhere – if you want your kid to do good deeds later in their lives... do not call them Evil-Lyn!

He still ranks first. Obviously I don’t what made his parents give him a common noun, two dashes, the word “at”, and a body part. It must have been hard for him to justify his name when his teacher is constantly bugging him as to why he is named as such. No wonder his costume looks like a trash can.

By the way, he trained He-Man, right? Aside from his crappy name, why the hell is He-Man wearing a pink chaleko and light purple leggings?

Here’s a popular Youtube video to back whatever point I’m trying to state.

Come to think of it, I don't blame Skeletor for checking out other places.  

Game over.


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