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In this day and age, the quickest way to get married is by giving your girl the best engagement ring of all.  

It’s called premarital pregnancy.


In no time your girlfriend’s dad will point his trusty shotgun in your face. Right afterwards her family will conduct the quickest church wedding (or city hall wedding) possible so that they can marry you two before your GF’s stomach balloons!

Little does her dad know that this is just a ploy you played to get hitched minus the hassles of over-thinking the costs and the stress of planning your wedding!

However, you have to imagine the consequences of your actions.  

The wedding gown looks more hideous than the bridesmaids’ gowns.

The bridal car arrives an hour behind schedule and when it arrives you find out that the car’s aircon is inoperative.

The flowers look old and mangy and you didn’t pay a huge sum to have flowers that are old and mangy.

The reception venue is overflowing with invited and uninvited guests.

The hostess has this thick Visayan accent while speaking in English and has no idea about the bride and groom.

The AVP is expensive, concept-less, and boring. The AVP looks as if it was made via Windows Movie Maker.

The wedding singers sang Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are thrice in one hour. After the Bruno Mars song, they sing a medley of Glee, David Pomeranz, Jim Brickman, and Earth, Wind, and Fire songs.

The food is salty.

The cake is salty?

People are remarking that this marriage is doomed because of what they are experiencing at that moment.

Need I say more?

Is THIS the way you want to get married?

The answer is no.

Hell no.

Wedding planning is a great way for couple bonding. Sure, you will loathe the bills, but seeing your significant other looking all that happy should be enough for you to be happy and give your whole world to her. This is your first major joint project. This is a day you will remember for the rest of your lives. In some ways, this serves as a ritual to not just be a son or a daughter... but also to become a husband or a wife.

So if you’re going to capture the most important moment of your lives, you have to capture it with style.

The husband and wife team of Shan and Berlyn Yap, alongside their associates, developed a website to make it easier for couples to plan their dream wedding ceremony. They can also offer a personal approach for their customers so that your planning would be anything but chaotic. Wherever you are in the Philippines, there is a way for you to score the best deals possible.

If you want to have the best wedding ever, you need to check out THE WEDDING REPUBLIC.

THE WEDDING REPUBLIC understands that your wedding day should be a representation of how much you love each other. Remember the scene where Adam Sandler takes Drew Barrymore to the best marriage ceremony-related places in The Wedding Singer? THE WEDDING REPUBLIC is like that... only with wider reach. THE WEDDING REPUBLIC aligned itself with the most trusted names in the field of matrimony all across the Philippines to give you the best offers available.

THE WEDDING REPUBLIC can also help you plan on how your wedding should happen. They will gladly help their aesthetically-impaired customers pick out their ideal venue, reception, and other essentials. From the reception as a whole to the type of dessert that would be served to the guests, they will give their client expert advice to guide you on your wedding day. Not all brides want a white wedding, or inside a church, or as traditional as possible and THE WEDDING REPUBLIC will help you make this event a memorable one. If you want a wedding and a reception a la Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo... ask and you shall receive! If you want a wedding-themed a la Mardi Gras... then they will make it happen for you. If you want to have that stellar wedding that will be the envy of many, then this is your chance to have that perfect wedding.

They have a bunch of cool downloadable planning applications to at least keep you organized like a wedding countdown, budget tracker, church and legal requirements, directory and guest seat worksheets, and even a music playlist.

Perhaps the best planning tool that they offer is the free wedding website. In this website, guests will be kept in the know on what to expect on your wedding day. People can also check out how your love story came about. I guess the couple can also tell their invited persons on the gifts they should give as well as the dress code and the food selections available on the wedding.  

Times are tough but you need to get your money’s worth and here at THE WEDDING REPUBLIC, they will give you just that. So if you think you’re ready to take that next step...


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