Anti-Stress Kit

I am going to go Doogie Howser on your ass.

I am not going to give you an insight. I won’t tell you what news you need to know. Hell, I won’t even tell you about the issues like price hike, unemployment, and Andi Eigenmann’s pregnancy!

By the way, for those keeping count, kids are blessings. 

Because I used to be one.
Anyway, I am here to rant. I am here to fucking rant. This week has been hectic, stressful, and mind-numbing. For some insane reason, I’m doing a rush campaign. I am going to fill an arena with huge banners. I am going to flaunt a boxer’s face through commercials. And I am going to claw, scratch, and rattle a bunch of people because I need to finish this by this week.

Fuck... I’m doing this blog 15 minutes before July 8.

And by the way, I hope Brian Viloria wins his flyweight championship match because if there’s one man who can deliver a knuckle sandwich properly, it’s definitely him.

He just needs to win so that my sapped energy wouldn’t be in vain.

Game over.


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