Basti Artadi covers Katy Perry's song

Remember when Blink 182 did that cover of the Britney Spears song Hit Me Baby One More Time?

Well, this song is in a way near those levels.

Wolfgang frontman Basti Artadi and Razorback axeman Tirso Ripoll recreated Katy Perry’s epic tune. While the thought of Philippines’ most epic rock gods doing a poppish tune send shivers down to every one’s spine, it is still awesome nonetheless.

A couple of days ago upon hearing the song, me and Evilbrain tried our best to sing this tune awesomely.

Instead of sounding like Basti Artadi, we sounded like as if the Universal Motion Dancers covered it.

Anywho at least we gave it a shot...

Catch more of their works when you visit their Youtube page.

By the way, Marti Gimenez shared this link on Facebook.

Game over!


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