CM Punk gatecrashes WWE Event

The 2011 Money in the Bank event is one of the most outstanding PPV’s I have ever seen for some time now. The build was there and so was the action. If I was a WWE scriptwriter, I will be proud of the turnout.

Alberto del Rio won the Raw Money in the Bank. The “destiny” tag has been running for some time now and it is nice that they are building his ascension to the top slowly. The unveiling of Daniel Bryan as the Smackdown Money in the Bank winning is a wonderful surprise. Announcing it on SD that he’ll cash it on Wrestlemania 28 means fans will be treated to a 20-minute match filled with awesomeness. Christian winning the World Championship belt via disqualification against Randy Orton was nice as well. The title win is underwhelming but Christian had his moment when he first won the title so I could live with that.

Besides, these three matches have gold written on them. I just saw the PPV almost a week after its initial offering and just like the spoilers and the internet reports, everything that I heard, read, and eventually saw delighted me.

And then there’s the John Cena versus CM Punk match.

While I thought Cena helping Punk in the end via releasing the STF and punching Johnny Ace was idiotic, I can’t argue on the fact that the two put on one helluva show. Punk winning the match in front of his hometown was sort of shocking but the finish, and the post-match undertakings match this match even more unforgettable.

Personally with the pop he got, it’s certain we are looking at the next Stone Cold Steve Austin.

With the way this match was built up – from Punk announcing his departure, to the verbal tussle Punk had with Cena and Vince McMahon, to the actual match itself, and to Alberto del Rio unsuccessful cashing of the briefcase – you’d think you’ve seen it all. The Raw after the MITB PPV was awesome because it gave another fresh perspective to the current storylines. Triple H has replaced Vince from the day-to-day operations of the WWE. This is great because in reality, Vince McMahon has been planning to retire from the WWE but with the current events, the timing is just right.

Anyway, to keep up with the current storyline, and the realness (or the fakeness) that CM Punk has indeed re-signed with the company, this happened in a Mattel-sponsored San Diego Comic Convention held days after the Money in the Bank PPV.  

Yes, CM Punk’s activity meant that his scheduled departure from the company has been postponed. There are talks that he will bring along his buddy Colt Cabana and Zack Ryder and apparently they’ll do some sort of faction that Punk will become the voice of the voiceless.

And if Punk would have it, he’ll want his Wrestlemania 28 match to center around him and Austin.

With Bryan possibly winning his World Championship match and The Rock and Cena expected to make their match awesome... not to mention a possible Streak match for The Undertaker, things are looking great for the WWE.

Game over.


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