David Copperfield hates Harry Potter

Harry Potter ripped him off. 

Despite all the rave reviews I saw and heard about the last Harry Potter movie, I am happy to report that I resisted all temptation in watching ALL of the Harry Potter movies in a random cinema house. Thanks to Evilbrain’s birthday party alongside another week that turned out to be online surfing inside a coffee house, I have eluded paying 3D for the J.K. Rowling story.

Now Captain America... that’s another story.

Anyway, aside from a handful of haters, one other person who hates the Harry Potter series is famed magician David Copperfield. According to the master magician, Harry Potter stole the story of his childhood.

This is David Copperfield when he was young. 

Did you know David has also a dude friend named Ron?

This came from the Funny or Die website.

Game over!


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