FTW: Athletes, Briefs, and Billboards

If you haven’t watched GMA News Online’s For The Win, now is the time to do so. The show is an absolute riot and it combines two of my most favorite things – sports and comedy.

In this particular episode, Mico Halili rants about the excessive man-skin shown in EDSA. This is in connection with the Bench billboards where the Philippine Volcanoes are seen with just their briefs on (the billboards have since been replaced). Jason Webb reveals that athletes don’t wear briefs and calls for gender equality. Miakka Lim then wonders why men notice the billboards more than women much to the chagrin of Mico and Jason. As the episode rolls through, Mico Halili hands out a bold advice for clothing manufacturers that are too keen on putting scantily-clad men on big billboards. 

It involves The Magician


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Check out their other episodes, especially the episodes where they have Magoo Marjon, Eric Reyes, and Richard Del Rosario on deck.

Game over!


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