How to die seven times on TV in 24 hours

Here’s an interesting info I learned that I need to share. I saw this while reading the broadsheet and it fascinated me.

I have no idea what this guy did to piss off his television producers but apparently in April 2011, Hong Kong bit actor Law Lok Lam did a feat even Donnie Yen or a bunch of top-tier actors can’t do!

Law Lok Lam died in five different television roles... all within 24 hours in April 2011!

That’s like... bad or something because in one night, Law got robbed of a lot of payday as well as TV exposure.

But then it turned into good.

Or gold... as far as international media goes.

That fateful April 13, 2011 date was enough to make him an overnight celebrity. When I Googled his name, it had “euthanasia” next to it. So the guy that will probably never reach matinee idol status got famous because his name is synonymous to TV death.

Maybe this is something other producers in the Philippines can concoct? The problem however lies on the system that prohibits a Kapuso, a Kapamilya, and a Kapatid to cross over another station. Another problem lies on the current TV system where the basic format throughout the day revolves around morning talk shows, cartoons, variety programs, daytime dramas, foreign dramas, news telecasts, primetime soap operas, nightcap news, and public affairs programs.

It is hard...

And yet, doable.

I’m going to use the GMA format on this.


Morning talk shows have the tendency to do re-enactments. Make him cross Commonwealth Avenue where he’ll slam on a bus that is rampaging the roads above sixty (Yes, it still happens). Add this with the nightly public affairs block where he’ll play as a drunken bystander that gets on a tussle with another drunkard and we have two. Put him on a couple of daytime soaps where he’ll act as an unidentified rebel or a gunman and we have four. Now put him on a primetime fantasy soap where he’ll act as gnome, or a monster, and give him a moment to lie down with blood in his mouth and we have a total of five now. Put him on another primetime soap where he’ll find himself getting torched by a fireball and you have six.

And for the grand finale, make sure this attempt happens on a Friday where the guy can suffer a comedic death on Bubble Gang and we will have seven.

Now this number can increase if we try to pull off the same stunt on GMA News TV.

So one would wonder, what can of publicity could this thing offer?

Here’s the thing: suppose you have a man or girl you want to make famous. Then you will have an upcoming thriller in which the demonic figure would be that person. Have him/her go to various interviews afterwards and give him/her the tag “The person who died seven times in 24 hours on Pinoy television”.

That fact alone can make the person an instant star!

After the feat, Law Lok Lam has something awesome to share to his friends and family but when given to a right person, that thought could work to perfection to possibly kickstart or jumpstart a star’s career.

Agree to disagree?



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