In defense of... Green Lantern

Cindy and I were planning to watch Transformers 3.

Yes, I don’t really like the franchise and I haven’t seen any of the instalments but I just want to do anything to queue our quality time. Out of the five cinemas screening the flick in Trinoma...

... we ended up watching Green Lantern.


Two weeks after its release, the critics have spoken bitterly about the flick. Aside from Transformers 3, there were two other films playing at Trinoma – Green Lantern and Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo stars Selena Gomez.

There is nothing worse than a chick flick... than a tween chick flick.

So we had no choice but to watch Green Lantern.


Fact is, instead of finding the bad in the good, I ended up hunting for the good scenes in this bad film. Ever person I know that watched this consider the movie disappointing and shallow. After watching the movie, I somewhat agree with them. However because I watched the movie with lowered expectations it wasn’t as bad as people would think.

First of all, I didn’t watch the movie on 3D. In some ways, I didn’t feel robbed. However, the lights and sounds of the flick could be amazing in that environment. Having a girlfriend telling you what Adobe After Effects graphics they used is somewhat cool in these situations. Also, I am a fan of Ryan Reynolds (ever since Two Guys, A Girl, and A Pizza Place) and if only he had better material to work with, he could have made this better. I never watched Gossip Girl... ever... but Blake Lively is endearing in the role. Her reaction when she knew Hal Jordan was the Green Lantern was wickedly awesome. And finally, not everyone is getting the fact that this is a prelude. I am bent that the second instalment would be better. We’re used to having awesome starts that bog down at the end. I’m hoping this will reverse our expectations.

But there’s the inevitable. The movie felt it was a high-end version of a superhero parody movie. Every hero movie cliché was done in this movie. The leading way was saved at a party just like in the first Spiderman. The Iron Man movie pretty much tackled the whole reckless superhero idea.

Plus the daddy issues.

Hulk is green...  

A part of me was just waiting for Marlon Wayans, the other Wayans brother, Anna Faris, and Carmen Electra to show up!

Okay, sure... I’m nit-picking. But fact is, there are a lot of scenes here that we have already seen in past hero movies. Why is there a need to kill everyone first before a superhero could come? Why are the “comrades” coming in for the help AFTER the bad guy has been defeated? What happened to the sidekick?

Also, it doesn’t thrill me that the final action sequence was too complicated for me to understand. Is he what... slingshotting himself to the sun using a bunch of made up aircraft planes and a giant fist?

Oh I almost forgot... I hate it when the hero reviews everything he did at the initial parts of the movie to use it as his awesome finish.

The film was uninspired. Sure it was visual eye candy but the content blows. The funny scenes aren’t that funny and it was only set up as such via Ryan Reynolds’ comedic timing. Reynolds can deliver the punch but without the humor, he can’t do anything to save us from the movie’s content. An example of such was when Thomas Kalmaku mocked Hal’s ring saying that the alien, Abin Sur proposed to him. That was funny. Then in a later scene, they did the same proposal-related bit. It was not funny.

By the way, Tim Robbins, who played Hector Hammond’s dad, is 52 years old – 12 years older than the guy that portrayed Hector Hammond who is Peter Sarsgaard. I know there is such a thing as Hollywood magic, but the makeup people did nothing to make Sarsgaard younger. Comparing him as childhood buddies to Blake Lively’s character is just wrong.

I do not follow the Green Lantern story in comics but the biggest blunder the flick did was giving little importance to the other Green Lantern corps. Like I said, I don’t follow the comic but I saw a bunch of Justice League cartoons where they figured prominently during GL-themed episodes and it sucks that they weren’t as prominent as Sinestro. Besides, the only reason why Mark Strong’s character Sinestro had a lot of lines is that he will betray the Corps at the sequel.

Oops... did I spoil you?

Having most of them would have been awesome. 

Anyway because of this weak initial instalment I can sense that the second movie would be great. They need to iron the kinks and hope for the best. Sure, the film delivered well in the box office but if word of mouth pushes the movie to flop, I can see bad things for the makers.

Game over.


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