Johnoy Danao - Torn

Torn is one of my all-time favourite songs ever.

Nevermind if my initial reason for loving the song is that I had a huge crush on Natalie Imbruglia. I was in high school then. Plus, her albums after Left in the Middle aren’t my cup of tea.

I recently scored a Torn MP3 that was sung by Ednaswap. This was the band that wrote and first played Torn. The way they arranged the song was dark, but it was still a cool ear candy.

And after checking out other Torn renditions, I stumbled on Johnoy Danao’s version.

Johnoy Danao is an awesome singer. I first listened to him live when I was at Votre checking out their stand up comedy. When I first heard him – I thought his voice is familiar. Indeed it was – because he was formerly the vocalist of early 2000’s band Bridge.

Kahit Na is one of the most awesome OPM songs ever.

Pagbigyan ranks up there as well.

He has since gained a growing set of fans and he has seen mainstream attention through his Emperador Light TVC (the one with Ryan Agoncillo).

Anyway, here’s his rendition.


He may not look as great as Natalie Imbruglia but at least his awesome voice makes up for his shortcomings (unless he turns to a girl, him looking hot for me is next to impossible).

Game over!


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