Make Your Own Indie Movie

Because of Vlad Guarina, I have been checking out Lourd de Veyra’s Word of the Lourd clips on Youtube. I have no idea if this is still a segment on their morning show or a standalone interstitial but these clips are amazing.

It reminds me of how awesome Strangebrew was and how pissed I was that despite the cult following of the show, no one picked up the show for free TV coverage. Oh wait. It did. But I was hoping the show would continue on after their re-runs on the National Broadcasting Network and Studio 23 were getting positive feedback. The show was good for three seasons on UnTV (before they became religious) and it starred Tado and Angel “Erning” Rivero. Ramon Bautista and Jun Sabayton would occasionally get featured playing a bunch of hilarious characters. The show was created by RA Rivera. Post-Strangebrew, Tado, Erning, and Ramon would host a radio show called The Brewrats.

Returning to the Word of the Lourd, the Strangebrew members reunited to help Lourd in telling everyone the proper way of creating an Indie film.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Game over!


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