Money In The Bank - Prediction

Funny how two of WWE’s least regarded superstars will main event a PPV against the company’s chosen ones.


Dimmed as one of the least anticipated PPV’s, Money In The Bank is seen as highly anticipated. CM Punk will go all or nothing in claiming the WWE belt against the grasps of John Cena. Because of a real-life contract dispute, Punk is expected to walk out of the championship when he wins it. Cena would get fired if that happens.

Cena will win in title, that’s for sure. I have no idea how they’ll play this out but Cena getting “fired” again only to return later is corny. Punk however, will not leave the WWE. With the WWE depth chart seriously lacking, the last thing they need right now is another star leaving. I expect this feud to go longer with or without the championship. One scenario could be Alberto del Rio winning the MITB match and cashing it on the winner. Of all the possible participants in the ladder match, ADR is the wrestler that needs to get the prize.

I also consider this match as the opportunity to sow the seeds of a John Cena heel turn. You don’t need to make Cena “evil”. You just need to place him in a spot where Vince McMahon would help him and the crowd would side with CM Punk because of the crappy Cena win.


Randy Orton’s days are numbered. The Christian storyline can’t go on with him chasing the title. It has to stop and MITB is the perfect avenue to end it. Christian has all these stiputations that it’s hard for him to lose the plum. Orton could endure everything else but Christian will unearth every evil deed to win it. The possibility of Christian losing the match against Orton isn’t a farfetched idea either. If the match goes first and Christian loses, Christian could kick a random ass, steal his place in either Smackdown or Raw Money in the Bank matches and claim the briefcase. Of course, with the lack stars on Smackdown, Christian could find himself in the Smackdown side of things.

But if the Smackdown MITB match could be won by Sheamus. Sheamus is at a league of his own and winning or losing this match would not advance his career. Because Smackdown lacks upper talent, I’m guessing this is the right time to upgrade a talent like Cody Rhodes or Daniel Bryan. Christian could bait the MITB winner in gambling on the briefcase for him to score another shot at the title. For that, the chase could stay fresh and Sheamus could win MITB. 

By the way, Big Show will own Mark Henry and Kelly Kelly will repeat over Brie Bella

Whatever the outcome, the PPV created enough buzz for people to get hyped with it.

Don’t screw this up, WWE.

Game over.


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