The new Bench billboards are too safe



Talk about censorship. 


I am not blaming the MMDA officials for pulling the plug on the billboard containing a bunch of gigantic musclemen wearing just their briefs. Giant-sized chicks are cool in the eyes but gigantic wangs are just brutal. Blame this on society people. Most of the motorists are men but worse, commuting women side with the MMDA. Look, if it was me, I’d gladly give up those big woman billboards if it stops clothing lines to seize these kinds of billboards.

I am not being old-fashioned as well.

Big men wearing briefs is just... eww.

Too bad this is the vehicle Bench perceived to create awareness on the Philippine Volcanoes. The Philippine Volcanoes have been the unsung heroes of Philippine sports as of late as they are trying to put the Philippines on top of a sport that half of the population hasn’t even heard of. While the maxim “controversy creates cash” was spot on in this billboard/s, it brought a lot of haters.

I think if the billboards weren’t thrown in one batch, people would have condoned this. Individually, there wasn’t really that crude about the billboards. Collectively however, it takes the cake. That’s why the MMDA folks banned the billboard. All of a sudden, other provocative billboards were retired – the best known of which is the Christine Reyes billboard.

Days later, this appeared. Those bronzed muscular beasts were replaced by an Arial all caps text telling the world to support the Philippine Volcanoes. The thought was simple and this was a better way to create awareness for the rugby squad. However, the artistic side was corrupted. Furthermore, there was no mention of anything product-related so it came out bland. I am led to believe that while the support is genuine the turnout for these billboards is vengeful. But hell, maybe Bench doesn’t want to cream their budget anew through re-shooting the whole roster.

Anywho, despite the ickyness of the first group of billboards, at least those shots have the oomph.

Better safe than sorry?

Game over.


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