Smart Gilas versus Smart All-Stars

I watched the Smart-Gilas versus the Smart All-Stars game on TV.

The day before the match, my friends Allan Canlas and Geist wanted me to claim the extra ticket they have for 1500 pesos. I wanted to... I really do. It’s just that I was reading the broadsheet that morning and I saw that cameras are banned in that basketball shindig. As a blogger, that’s pretty much the reason why I need to attend those kinds of events in the first place.

But shit, if only I caught a second of action from the NBA versus PBA match held on that fateful Saturday, I would have tried to get on that show at all costs.

The first thing I saw was the barrage of flashes. Just like my office friend Marc Baluyan said, it was like experiencing a NBA video game. The atmosphere is awesome as well. Imagine seeing Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Javale McGee, Derrick Williams, Tyreke Evans, James Harden, and Derek Fisher live plus the oohs and the ahhs the crowd gives them for every dribbling exhibition, fancy pass, comedic moments, and display of athleticism in 48 minutes of action? 

As my friend Evilbrain would put it, coining a phrase uttered from Kevin Costner’s Waterworld...

Or some shitty movie that is situated by the sea...

Dry land is not a myth.

And I hated it.

I wouldn’t hate it as much if this was the NBA versus PBA game. That match my friends, is basically an exhibition game. But hell, the Smart-Gilas match was amazing. I got to hand it to our national team. It was hard for them to not get starstruck with that kind of talent paraded in front of their faces but they managed to not get the bigness of these players work against them. Their play stunned the visitors and even if people say that the NBA players toyed with us, Team Pilipinas still made a good account for themselves.


Despite their respectable account though, you can see there are rooms for improvement for Team Pilipinas before they head against Asia’s best in September.

Size will still be an issue for Smart-Gilas so they need to get their selves primed up for their shooting accuracy. JV Casio, Chris Tiu, Dondon Hontiveros, and Jimmy Alapag will get those looks and they need to score on those opportunities. There were a couple of sorry misses seen in the game that could be costly if this was a do or die game. Come to think of it, every game in the FIBA-Asia Championships must be treated with importance. Another glitch they need to check is Marcus Douthit’s ability to put the ball on the floor. While he is such a wonderful asset to the squad, the naturalized player can’t put the ball on the floor. His attempts to score were foiled by the Americans who grabbed this opportunity claim turnover points. Douthit needs to get the ball on the paint and this is something Jimmy Alapag needs to learn.

Finally the Nationals have a solid core made up by Fil-Americans, collegiate standouts, and pro ballers. There were cases that they get shy. Being reckless is a bad thing but being too terrified to commit mistakes is not a good thing either. They need to shoot whenever they are open and not second guess their selves.

While I doubt Dylan Ababou would get into the main team, I believe he was effective despite playing limited minutes. JV Casio worked his magic as well while Marcio Lassiter, Hontiveros, Japeth Aguilar, and Chris Lutz had their moments.

If there’s one thing great about watching the match on TV, it’s the announcers. I am a fan of Mico Halili, Richard Del Rosario, and the current PBA broadcasters because they converse rather than preach. Sure, Quinito Henson dishes out the vital infos but in the current Philippine television landscape, the last thing a professional basketball coverage should have is a bunch of monotonous broadcasters. Unlike Mico, I would gladly claim Richard Del Rosario's shoe if given the chance. 

I would prefer rubber shoes over leather though. 

Click on the Youtube links shared by Proudlypinoyto3 if you don’t believe me!

Game over.


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