Post Potter


This is me... thinking aloud.

It’s just that I have little understanding on this phenomenon called Harry Potter. Actually I wouldn’t have done ANOTHER blog post about this if not for the insane surge of page views my blog got hours after posting MY Patronus image from a Facebook app I attempted to understand.

Anyway, one thing I noticed about these “patronuses” are the creatures. If they are supposedly going to battle, I can understand summoning a phoenix.

But a bunny?

What will that do – unleash cuteness ‘til death?

Speaking of cuteness, Daniel Radcliffe will probably carry the stigma of being Mr. Harry Potter. That is a blessing and in some ways a curse. Check out Mark Hamill – the guy dubbed as Luke Skywalker to the point that Hollywood couldn’t cast him in flicks that doesn’t require him to be Mr. Skywalker or Ralph Macchio – Mr. Karate Kid. Both guys suffered in the sense that people couldn’t stand seeing them NOT as the characters they love.

With the fanfare he has and my disdain to see Harry Potter...

Oh wait. My disdain for the flick only happened because it was a science fantasy flick and back then I was searching for reasons to NOT spend money on non-real crap.

Anyway, with the fanfare he has and my disdain to see Harry Potter... I must admit Daniel Radcliffe is cool in my book. He has this alcoholism shtick that could take him to the Robert Downey Jr. / Charlie Sheen mold (the negative to positive approach)...

And this.

Well... did is unexpected... 

If Emma Watson doesn’t screw up her fame, she’ll likely evolve to be Hollywood’s Hottest Property. Aside from the fact that she’s current, she’s also a pretty tolerable actress. She isn’t like most Hollywood tweens that was tagged corny and idiotic because she managed to pull herself out of that spot. Radcliffe’s extra-Potter activity is Broadway and I can’t see giggling schoolgirls getting chirpy on those kinds of entertainment. Watson is frequently seen in galas where people check out her fashion...

... And what Daniel Radcliffe is doing on those photos.

Because of this, I’ll respect Radcliffe over Robert Pattinson.

Sure, that respect tag isn’t really tag high but anyone will always be graded higher than Pattinson especially with that recent Taylor Lautner kiss crap he pulled a while back.

I mean... Jack Black would have pulled that out nicely.

But him? 

Two muscular guys doing it?


Although if you think about it... Justin Bieber kind of owned Radcliffe believe it or not. 

I guess amongst the kids, these two have the biggest gain to continue acting in Hollywood. Radcliffe may find himself playing non-titular roles to at least shield his Harry Potter-ness. Watson on the other hand will likely score Julia Roberts-esque roles. I don't know if she's ready to bare but she needs to have an extremely superb movie to do such because that move will definitely bring fanfare. Amongst the other kids, the fact that the Potter fame may or may not tag them could work for them. The Ron kid may score offbeat roles and while the Draco kid will have an upcoming movie, the verdict is still out with regards to him. 

Hopefully most of the kids would find work outside the realm of magic. 

Game over.


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