Raw is Ring of Honor?

There’s a wonderful feeling in WWE right now.

For more than a month now, their storylines have been surprisingly fresh. For some insane reason, the top brass is listening to the voice of the smart fans – pushing the people they want to get pushed and pitting them with the wrestlers THEY want to push.

The return of CM Punk was expected and yet the WWE managed to put a zing into it. Barely two weeks from his “departure”, Punk showed up with the WWE belt after John Cena won the WWE belt from Rey Mysterio.


Well CM Punk stated that if he wins the WWE title from John Cena, he will leave and he’s taking the title with him. At Money in the Bank, that threat happened. So in the following WWE Raw, then-WWE Chief Operating Officer Vince McMahon made a tournament for the new WWE Champion. The winner of the tourney turned out to be Rey Mysterio but new WWE COO Triple H stepped in and by virtue of fairness, decided to have Mysterio face former WWE champ Cena for that title.


Anyway, the “zing” that I am talking about happens to be Punk’s entrance theme upon his return. When Cena won the belt, a strange noise blurted. No one knew what to think of it. It was either a new wrestler from TNA will about to make a statement... or a new WWE wrestler would be re-launched.

When CM Punk entered the arena, it shocked people.

When he went inside the ring, and when Cena showed off his belt, and then Punk showed his belt, the crowd erupted.

The song is called Cult of Personality by Living Colour. Strangely enough, that was the song CM Punk used during his Ring of Honor days. For those that don’t know Ring of Honor, it is basically the ECW of this generation. The promotion is filled with people that can wrestle and is basically a launching pad for future top grapplers. It is also a place where the guys on the top are the guys that should be on the top. Most of their draws are in TNA now but there are a few that saw action in the WWE. The likes of Punk, Sheamus, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Abyss, Christopher Daniels, Chris Sabin, Colt Cabana, Alex Shelley, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, and Daniel Bryan played a huge part in the promotion. At one point of their careers, Eddie Guerrero and Matt Hardy wrestle for the promotion.

And that thought hit me...

Is the McMahon family considering on purchasing Ring of Honor?

Punk wouldn’t have said ROH and Colt Cabana in one of his promos. And then Punk wouldn’t have said Cabana’s name again during his contract signing with Mr. McMahon.

And then he came to the ring with that semi-trucker song?

Maybe I’m thinking way beyond my vantage point but if that’s the case, then I would stop guessing on what ifs because the last I want to happen right now is to get spoiled.

Like I said, there’s a wonderful feeling in the WWE right now.

Game over.


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