Rowdy Roddy Piper Fights Childhood Obesity

When I was a kid, I used to watch Hulk Hogan’s Rock and Roll Wrestling.

As a kid, I knew that THAT cartoon sucked. However, the cartoon had Rowdy Roddy Piper.

He is awesome.

When kids were busy collecting GI Joes and Transformers action figures, I was collecting WWE toys. I remember how mangy and deformed MY wrestlers were because of those underwater wrestling fights, doubledeck to floor dives, and buried alive in actual soil bouts.

My first action figure was Roddy Piper. I was never a fan of Hulk Hogan growing up. I wasn’t into those taking your vitamins and saying your prayers stuff. I would stay up late during Wednesdays (back then kids sleeping up until 10pm is taboo) to watch All-Star Professional Wrestling. I was a fan of Piper and even if he was a heel, my dream match back then involves him and The Honky Tonk Man or Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase.

So years later, Piper is not the wrestler he once was. Hell, I kinda cringe whenever I see Piper fight now. Nonetheless, Piper is still awesome.

And with this PSA about childhood obesity, you’ll probably get what I’m talking about.

I got this clip from Funny or Die.

Game over.


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