Malicious Chitchats

Some shitty person spread an online rumor that former Eraserheads frontman and current Pupil lead Ely Buendia has died.


In a day where I got wet going to work, got stressed as I went with my work, and got pissed because my Globe Tattoo doesn’t work, the last thing I want to hear is some news about my all-time favorite bandie kicking the bucket.

Thank goodness this news is just hoax.

Ely is safe and apparently nice in shrugging off the rumors of his demise.

Our network gave us free cellphones. The phones aren’t pretty but it packs an awesome battery life. For two days now I’ve been getting these text messages on how I won some sort of electronic raffle draw.

Yesterday I received a text that I won 580,000 pesos on the 23rd Anniversary of the San Miguel Beer Corporation. To claim my prize, I need to look for Raul J. Perez.

Hours ago, I apparently won 750,000 pesos from Manny Many Prizes. This is Manny Pacquiao's newest offering to Pinoys everywhere. To get the prize, I need to look for Attorney Franklen A. Gacal. My number was drawn last July 24 with a DTI permit 2168 series of 2011.

Now these types of hoaxes are easy to detect and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure this out.

For starters, these people hand out a lot of dough. Why would they text people instead of calling them? Even in courtship, texting is both informal and baseless.

And then let me single out a bunch of things I noticed:

1. Manny Many Prizes is virtually a new show airing every Saturday. If the show premiered on July 16, then the Saturday after the premiere is July 23 and not 24.

2. A typical SMC employee will never say San Miguel BEER Corporation. It’s either San Miguel Beer or San Miguel Corporation.

3. With that said, the San Miguel Corporation was established in 1890. SMC’s 23rd Anniversary happened on 1913 and not 2011.

4. Manny Pacquiao has an attorney named Franklin Gacal and not Fracklen Gacal.

Fact is, if you’re getting a bunch of brouhahas from the following numbers mentioned below, you must seize the moment and report it to some guy that would legally beat their asses to oblivion.


Time to get vigilant on their blasted asses.

Game over!


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