The winner, the champion, and the buffoon

To show to everyone how tough undefeated goof Floyd Mayweather is, “Money” Mayweather is caught burning a $100 bill.

I have no idea if the bill is real or fake but I think there should be a violation regarding that.

Meanwhile, in preparation to his fight against Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel “Dinamita” Marquez creamed Colombian Likar Ramos with one glorious straight in the first round of their match. Marquez looked calm and collected and he took advantage of Ramos’ inability to command the match. The fight was so one-sided people thought Ramos took a dive so that Marquez would look strong in facing Pacman. 

Fact is, you have to judge the fight for yourselves on whether or not that punch was enough to mow Ramos to la-la land. 

So did he? Was he able to intimidate Pacquiao with his showing?

I can’t really speak for Manny but I think we all know the answer to this question. Pacquiao is not as green as Ramos. Ramos looked scared to hit Marquez who is a well-known counterpunching extraordinaire and I don’t think Pacquiao would become like that. Pacquaio would probably storm Marquez at the start and at the same time will be wary of Dinamita’s counterattacks. The match was a nice showcase on the improved punching power of Marquez (not to discredit his recent achievement) but I think he needs to do more in facing the Pacman.

Finally, Hawaiian-raised Pinoy Brian “The Hawaiian Punch” Viloria captured his third championship (WBO flyweight title) by earning a hard fought decision against Mexican Julio Cesar Miranda. The match, dubbed Island Assault 2, was played in front of a pro-Viloria crowd. Viloria scored a knockout at Round One but the ex-champion survived and at times dominated the round. Nonetheless Viloria did not choke unlike his past fights (he usually chokes during title defenses) and managed to claim his first title after moving to the flyweight division. The title win is expected to boost Viloria’s career.

There is no question that Brian Viloria can win the championship match. What’s critical with The Hawaiian Punch is if he can at least successfully defend his title at least twice.

Game over.


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