2011 PBA Draft Diary

According to guy Jason Webb talked to in the Robinson’s Place Manila bathroom, Paul Lee is the first pick overall of the 2011 PBA Draft.

That’s kind of nice.

Wow in Quinito Henson’s mock draft, Mark Barroca was ranked ninth while Dylan Ababou was ranked sixth. Jason Webb and Mico Halili thought it was a good idea to place Ariel Mepana high on the draft.

Well I got spoiled already so I’m just entertaining myself with the festivities.

What the fucking hell are pretty young things???

Chito Salud thinks all the PBA players are pretty.

Just to know Mark Andaya might play for Shopinas next season.

Rene Pardo gets a plaque. Last season was an awesome year following the return of the three-conference format and Talk N Text’s chase for the grand slam.

1 – Powerade takes JV Casio.

I like this choice. He is the first point guard since Mike Cortez to be selected first. Please make their jerseys TV friendly because the numbers in their uniform aren’t readable. Who is the new female interviewer of AKTV? Is she Spanish? Whenever she talks it seems like there are a lot of R’s. JV will be the star of Powerade unlike last year’s draft pick.

Wait... Angeli Copter is an AKTV lady interviewer?

Will the Boys Night Out crew commentate on PBA games?

2 – Rain or Shine gets Paul Lee.

Again this choice is as basic as anything else. Paul Lee will try his best to win his first championship ever. Lee had a slew of outstanding seasons with UE... bakit may dambuhalang paint brush?!? Wait... will the Meralco hard hat helmets return to the draft stage???

Petron trades Sunday Salvacion, Mick Pennisi, and a future pick for Dondon Hontiveros, Carlo Sharma, and a switch with Barako Bull in their first round picks.

3 – Petron selects Chris Lutz.

Wow. Lutz is already 26? By the way, can Lutz be asked to play for the Smart-Gilas squad?

By the way, Patricia Hizon has been twitting infos surrounding the draft and she’s also hosting it! How can she do that with ease!?!

4 – Powerade picks Marcio Lassiter

Powerade got lucky in getting two top Smart-Gilas picks.

Shopinas wrestled away what should have been B-Meg’s pick.

5 – Shopinas picks Mark Barroca

Wait. Is Barroca doing derma work on his face?

Hmm... so that’s what Mark Barroca’s girlfriend Ruselle Alinea looks like.

6 – Alaska gets Mac Baracael

Alaska now has another slasher in their hands. They are saying the hyperactive Baracael is a PF but with the way he’s moving, he’s nothing like any PF’s I know.

The seventh pick was traded happened in a very, very confusing way.

7 – Meralco selects Jason Ballesteros.



8 – Barako shores up lineup with Allein Maliksi.

He is the D-League MVP. Yes... no cowboy hats.


9 – Ginebra selects Reil Cervantes.

I really wonder why Dylan Ababou has yet to get drafted. By the way, he’ll get great playing time with the Gin Kings which spells bad things for Yancy de Ocampo... again.

10 – Barako Bull selects Dylan Ababou.

Maybe this happened because he was not wearing his contact lenses. Teams probably perceived that he has weak eyesight? I have glasses too you know for those who think I discriminate near-sighted folk.

The second round has ended and I’m thinking the best players found their selves in the first round.

Recap time!

How Rich Alvarez was the 2004 Rookie of the Year.

He fell big.

Quinito hinted on a possible clash with Arwind Santos and Marcio Lassiter in Petron via job description.

That’s a great way of saying things.

11 – Shopinas selects Magi Sison.

He was a former Smart-Gilas player.

Since when did he get that mole?

12 – Talk N Text gets Pamboy Raymundo

He was also called PBA ready by some scouts. Hopefully he gets playing time with the various guards they have in their rosters.

13, 14, 15 – Alaska claims Eric Salamat, Julius Pasculado, and Ariel Mepana.  

Wow Pasculado has many fans inside the mall. He looks like a young Jayjay Helterbrand. Eric Salamat and Ariel Mepana look like either cellmates or Shaolin brothers.

16 – B-Meg picks Brian Ilad.

I am not happy with this pick. Is that jacket returnable?

Alaska trades their 17th pick to the Meralco Bolts.

17 – Meralco gets Gilbert Bulawan.

Meralco traded well to get first and second round picks unfortunately they failed to claim a scorer.

By the way, Chris Ross’ hairdo is really curly!

18 – Ginebra checks in James Martinez.

His injury hurt his chances of claiming a high spot in the draft. I wonder if he’ll get playing time in that squad...  

19, 20 – Barako Bull selects Kenneth Acibar and Paul Sorongon.

Acibar looks like a smaller version of Gilbert Lao. Sorongon looks like Erick Rodriguez.

Both players aren’t getting playing time.

21 – Powerade picks Marc Agustin.

I just wished this was still a Talk N Text pick.

I don’t know if Bo Perasol will use this guy properly.

And now for the fun parts!

At the start of the third round, Powerade and Barako Bull passed. Meralco also passed. Rain or Shine also passed!

I missed the days when there is a microphone and coaches are shouting “pass”.

B-Meg also passed!

Alaska also passed!

I wonder what the reaction of the PBA hopefuls with regards to these developments?

22 – Shopinas chooses Marc Cagoco.  

Waste of talent of he fails to get drafted.

23 – Petron tries out Filemon Fernandez.  

The 29-year-old was born in Texas and he is dwarfed by Biboy Ravanes.

Ginebra and Talk N Text also passed.

Here comes the fourth round.

Shopinas then passes.

24 – Petron picks Gerald Lapus.

Ato Agustin is asking one of the draftees to give up the jacket so that Lapus can borrow it!

And the jacket doesn’t fit!

Man I thought this guy was a SF.

And then the draft is over.

That Risa girl needs to not shout and not be aggressive while talking.

All of a sudden I miss Lia Cruz, Mica Abesamis and Cesca Litton.  

Quinito Henson assessed things well in this draft. He was awesome in saying Lutz can blend in more to Arwind Santos’ play than Marcio Lassiter.

Yeng Guiao thinks Paul Lee is the missing piece of their puzzle. Rain or Shine needs a marquee point guard and they grabbed it with Lee. Hopefully Lee won’t ballhog.

Julius Pasculado is the only second round to get interview time. Something tells me that all the other team will eventually tremble in his presence.

Jason Webb’s 60 percent prediction of the first round is better than his free throw shooting average. Quinito Henson only had 30 percent but all ten players of Quinito entered the first round. Mico Halili also had 3 of 10.

The PBA Season will open this October 2. The PBA D-League will start on mid-October.

Quinito Henson suddenly became Joan Rivers. Luckily Mico wrapped this before Quinito would even start a Tigbakan Alley-type commentary of whatever the players are wearing.

By the way, Gary David and Josh Urbiztondo won the list.

Game over.


  1. Rizza Diaz is a former courtside reporter for the UAAP and NCAA. But the PBA is a different thing so she needs to be a little bit more calm.

    Mica will most likely stay with Solar while Cesca is a talent of ABS.

  2. yes definitely! i mean it's like she thinks she's in a coliseum! she's okay though. she just needs to less shout and watch out on her r's.