2011 PBA Draft: UNLIMITED PICKS (the final FINAL mock draft)

Every minute in this draft has been exciting. With less than a week remaining until the August 28 Draft Day, two major developments were announced.

The first development is Shopinas winning a concession pick. People will hate this Chito Salud rule but I’m okay with this. First of all, the former Barako Bull squad has been talent-starved for years. Now with prized mentor Franz Pumaren joining the squad, it’s now known that the Clickers are bent on being competitive. Secondly, the Clickers loaned their players and they were helpful for the other PBA squads. Paolo Hubalde, Lordy Tugade, and Jojo Duncil were helpful in Petron’s championship drive (although Duncil’s contract with Barako Bull expired before he joined) and Pong Escobal and Aris Dimaunahan had great roles in B-Meg and Alaska. And finally, eliminating their weakness is good for the PBA.

And then there’s the second development: PICK ALL YOU CAN!

Just like Tokyo Tokyo’s Rice All You Can, a team can now grab unlimited choices in the draft. While it’s too bad that it happened when there’s virtually zero potential left in the draft this is a good way to let the draftees see that all is not lost.

Of course, we’ll probably see one or two players getting undrafted... which is kind of bad... but at least more than 21 rookies can see their names on the widescreen monitor.

So this is the final... FINAL... draft list I’m going to do!


Game starts now!

2 – RAIN OR SHINE – Paul Lee, UE
3 – BARAKO BULL – Marcio Lassiter, Cal State-Fullerton  
4 – POWERADE – Mac Baracael, FEU  
5 – B-MEG – Chris Lutz, Marshall  
6 – ALASKA – Mark Barroca, FEU   
7 – TALK N TEXT – Jason Ballesteros, San Sebastian
8 – PETRON – Dylan Ababou, UST
9 – GINEBRA – Reil Cervantes, FEU
10 – BARAKO BULL – Allein Maliksi, UST 

11 – SHOPINAS – Julius Pasculado, Wilbur Wright 
12 – TALK N TEXT – Eric Salamat, Ateneo
13 – ALASKA – Magi Sison, UP  
14 – ALASKA – Ken Acibar, UE
15 – ALASKA – Pamboy Raymundo, San Sebastian  
16 – B-MEG – Gilbert Bulawan, San Sebastian 
17 – ALASKA – James Martinez, UE 
18 – GINEBRA – Marvin Graebel, Stauffenberg Business School
19 – BARAKO BULL – Ariel Mepana, UV 
20 – BARAKO BULL – Marc Cagoco, JRU
21 – TALK N TEXT – Marc Agustin, Adamson

22 – POWERADE – Mark Ababon, UV 
24 – MERALCO – Brian Ilad, DLSU
25 – RAIN OR SHINE – Gerald Lapus, Arellano
26 – B-MEG – Martin Lloyd Antonio, San Beda
28 – SHOPINAS – Ezer Rosopa, UE
29 – PETRON – Paul Sorongon, UP 
30 – GINEBRA – Julio Magbanua, RTU 

If you noticed, you saw a couple of passes in my list.

It’s actually stupid not to expect that. Barako Bull has already four picks while Alaska has five.

Talk N Text? They don’t need another player.

The rookie camp will prove important to the players hoping to get drafted.

Will 36 players get drafted? Find the answers on August 28.



  1. Nice list!

    Coach Yeng always have this knack of pulling out surprises in draft night, so I think he will go the unconventional route again and pick somebody unexpected at #2, perhaps Baracael, Barroca or even Ballesteros. I may be wrong, but I don't think Yeng is a fan of volume-shooting PGs, and the first thing he did when he came to Rain or Shine was ship out Sol Mercado, so I'm not too sure on Paul Lee. Anyway, just a hunch. :)

    Interesting to see Alaska have 4 picks in the 2nd round.. In recent years, even 1st round picks are finding it terribly hard to crack into this team's rotation, lest alone these 2nd rounders.. hehe.

    ..and I doubt any of these 3rd round players will see a single minute of action in the PBA.

  2. hehe. think so. I just think the last thing yeng guiao wants is people "borrowing" his player.

    i think they need it though. the reason why he left red bull was because they traded cyrus baguio for virtually nothing. besides, mercado hates caloy garcia then.

    i think one-conference contracts will happen for those third rounders. last season we saw hans thiele, vaughn canta, jonathan uyloan, lou gatumbato, and others getting the nod for the rookie free agents.

    so you're saying there will be a repeat version of james sena and pari llagas?

  3. Hi Syd! Great blog! The Powerade Tigers FB wall is going crazy because they posted Julius Pasculado's higlight videi and admitted that he stays at one of their condos! This is driving the Casio fans crazy because they think the Powerade will pick Ju instead. They put up another Julius related status update again an hour ago. I think Ju just wants to play regardless of what team will pick him. But round 1 for sure... After what he did during scrimmage today... Shccked everyone... Ask your sources ;)

  4. ows? i'm not a fan of betting on the unknowns but if that's the case, he can be as strong as 9th or as weak as 15th.

    anyway this is the impact he needs to do right now.

  5. Thing about Ju (I am biased and you will know why someday hehe) is he is fun to watch. That's why we don't care kung saan sha i-draft and pang ilan. We know matutuwa kayo sa kanya. The ranking doesn't come with a corresponding championship ring naman di ba? Ask MJ. You say you're not a fan of betting on the unknowns but you drafted him as #14... Most people dismiss him because he is an unknown here. Ikaw lang talaga ang naiba sa others online. Salamat. Your fearless forecast will pay off!

  6. well let's just hope he's going to do well. again alaska is known for taking unknown (or not known here) foreigners and it may or may not pay dividends. the fact that alaska has 5 picks in the second round means they might swag this guy after they've seen his potential.

  7. Now that Ju is generating so much buzz, a lot of people are now recognizing him. But youshould get credit for being the first one to recognize his draft potential... He was no where in anyone's list before.

  8. gee thanks. hopefully this will translate into him doing great things. like i said, it's fun to see new faces doing new things. and since he looks filipino, i can see him gaining fans.