Arrgh! Cramps!

If I can compare my game to a PBA player, I would have to be a cross between Richard Del Rosario and Wilmer Ong... minus the offense.

Yes, I am that useless.

I have written a lot of basketball articles. Some of them got published in my site while others got that their way to various outlets. I know how to read the game although not the plays itself. The problem is, I can’t play. When I was a kid, I was reed-thin and asthmatic. I can’t walk without breathing heavily because my lungs were pretty weak. When I got to high school, I got better. However, I also got fat. I got my waist trimmed in college but the moment I started to earn properly, my muscles went bye-bye.

I never really cared about playing anyway. The most important thing is that I can read a situation and gain extra cash from doing it.

But yeah, often I want to try things I never do.

I have written a lot of basketball articles.

I’ve only played in around five.

Last Monday was number six.

A couple of my officemates have been doing this Monday basketball workout. They have been telling me to come but I am just that stubborn. When I said yes, I braced myself. The thing is this – don’t give me the ball. My objective in coming to the practice is that I am 225 pounds and the sole of my feet hurt. My metabolism has escaped me and I’ve been climbing six floors up instead of using the elevator to in some ways lessen it.

Like I said – don’t give me the ball. I’ll just jog and walk my way to the other side of the court. I think I played a little under fifteen minutes. My role is basically to not go down on offense (unless necessary) and try to be the weakest last line of defense to charging people. Just like in my Counterstike days, I tried to annoy people by shrieking like a little girl but for some reason it’s wasn’t working. I could have sworn I had a block, a couple of rebounds, and two air balls.

I also had cramps as I was about to ride my officemate’s car.

I think I need to exercise more. My mission is to have those past Don Allado moves Geist thought me because the only way I can generate the points I believe is in the low block.

But alas, the morning after the basketball shootaround instead of riding my seldom used treadmill... I am writing a blog.

Game over.


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