Asi Taulava's Balls Got YANKED... then he went berserk!!!

His balls hurt. 

Asi Taulava punched a guy while playing hoops.

This happened when Team Pilipinas was facing Malaysia at the 2011 Jones Cup. Patricia Hizon reports on Twitter that Malaysia’s Kwaan Yoong Jing made punching bag of The Rock’s rocks at the closing minutes of the third quarter.

Afterwards, The Rock layeth the Smackdown on Kwan Jing’s candy ass!  

This is the second time this week that Philippine basketball had this kind of “genital” assassination. Asi had the chance to play extended minutes since Smart-Gilas Pilipinas mentor Rajko Toroman opted to sit Marcus Douthit and JV Casio. Let’s face it – it’s unnecessary for Gilas to use Douthit and Casio and Toroman needs to know the contents of his 12-man roster. Despite the absence of his two primary scorers, the team still won decisively, 86 to 68. It was a close game in the first half but Team Pilipinas went berserk in the third which is probably the reason why the Malaysian got pissed.

According to Asi Taulava (as seen in the Tweets of Patricia Hizon and Joey Villar), the Malaysian grabbed The Rock’s rocks, squeezed it, and then backpunched it.

Kwaan touched Asi's kwan. 

I really want to see the size of this Malaysian because in our part of the world, doing that to Taulava is synonymous to deathwish.

Anyway, the Philippines have been playing awesome as of late and despite the loss to Jordan, we are seriously in contention for a semifinal spot. After the gigantic Iranian Hamed Haddadi (who’s your Haddadi), the team will have to contend with South Korea’s Ha Seung-Jin. Hopefully Douthit and the rest of the gang can do their thing to win another match.

As for Asi Taulava, he apologized for his actions. But then... let’s have a poll.

What will he rather have?



Game over.


  1. Check this link dude: mahilig talaga sa balls yung malay na yun.

  2. thanks. nakita ko rin sa youtube extended version. kwaan likes people's kwan! :)