B-Meg gets Shopinas pick

Online reports suggest that B-Meg has acquired Shopinas’ fifth pick. Yup, Shopinas let their potential franchise player slip away for a random B-Meg player. 

Does random mean James Yap?

Hell no.

Maybe Jonathan Fernandez?


The Llamados are bent on acquiring a point guard since Jonas Villanueva is injured (he will return at the earliest Feb 2012). This means that looming as prospects are JV Casio, Paul Lee, Mark Barroca, and Chris Lutz. My guess is that they are auditioning for a possible replacement for Roger Yap who at this point is now at his prime... and will pass it in a couple of years or so.  

While I’ll take a vet over a rookie anytime, I think Shopinas made a mistake getting lured by B-Meg. Any of the Smart-Gilas players can lead Shopinas... with the exception perhaps of Jason Ballesteros. But then again, it seems that this trade happened when Shopinas was still Barako Bull and Chito Salud had to honor this trade. It also seems like B-Meg will be letting go of a random player. It’s stupid to predict that the core of James Yap, Joe Devance, Marc Pingris, Roger Yap, Peter June Simon, and Kerby Raymundo would be let go.

If Shopinas gets any of them, then this trade is good.

My choice? Allado is an incoming free agent and Shopinas can resurrect his career but he is not enough to waste the fifth pick. If I was a Clicker brass, I’d go for either Jonas Villanueva or Rico Maierhofer. However since both players are injured, they could go for Kerby Raymundo who is an incoming free agent. Raymundo, Allado, Rico Maierhofer, Pingris, Reavis, and Devance will clash for playing time so since Jerwin Gaco is an adequate sub, the first three names mentioned are pretty much expendable. 

If Shopinas lands either Raymundo or Maierhofer in their lineup, then the Clickers stumbled on a gold mine. 

If Shopinas lands Jonathan Fernandez... well, the Clickers just stumbled. 

Game over.


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