Baker is in!

Chot Reyes finally pulled the plug out of the ridiculously lame Talk N Text import Scottie Reynolds and tapping his original import Maurice Baker to save/finish this tiring Governor’s Cup finals showdown against the Petron Blaze Boosters.

I like Baker more than Reynolds because unlike Reynolds who is basically a scorer, Baker is an all-around performer. I was actually pretty surprised that they took out Baker during the semifinals and wondered if Baker got injured or something. My guess is that Baker was sort of hurt but they will stick with him but will be bringing in Scottie Reynolds because at this point, Baker might have been checked.

With their backs against the wall though, it’s better for TNT to have a checked import than a powerless one.

Reyes has been publicly calling Reynolds out in the broadsheets and he has done nothing to save his reputation. When Baker was re-instated, he lashed out again on Reynolds.

“We are playing without an import. Theirs is fantastic and ours suck.”


In a team filled with scorers and shooters, an import that also does the dirty work fits their system right on. Another variable they need to seriously check is that TNT might have big and brawny players but compare their size with Petron and they’ll get dwarfed. Ranidel de Ocampo isn’t really a big time rebounder and Ali Peek gives up three to five inches when pitted against Mick Pennisi and Danny Ildefonso. Kelly Williams? I don’t think he’s in a proper matchup right now position-wise because whatever he is doing at the moment, it’s basically to harass and shadow Arwind Santos. Sometimes when Williams is busy manning the forward and center spots, Arwind is pitted with the likes of Larry Fonacier, Ryan Reyes, and even Jimmy Alapag which is except when Arwind is beyond the arc defensively... is a freakin’ mismatch! Harvey Carey is likewise playing hurt and Reyes hasn’t trusted his shock troopers like Jared Dillinger, Rich Alvarez, Mark Yee, and Aaron Aban because he looks at them as liabilities in terms of offense and defense. Chot is kind of right here because for a team that is hardly missing the services of Jay Washington, Rabeh Al-Hussaini, Joseph Yeo, and Lordy Tugade and is relying on bunch of Barako Bull loans and seldom-used former college stars... it’s just unacceptable!

With Jason Castro unable to suit up in Game 6 (if he can he’ll play injured), the inability of Reynolds to provide the muscle and the hustle will deepen the fact that he’s turning goat in this series. Remember at the start of the conference when Baker and Castro seemed to be playing as if they are mirror images of each other? This is what Chot Reyes wants Baker to be right now – a more polished Jason Castro that can do the things Reynolds should be doing right now.

With two games making and breaking their case to clinch the grand slam, Chot Reyes needs to have a more valuable import.

However is the switch a case of too little, too late?

Game over.


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