Butterfly Tutorial

For those who want to see my past homemade videos, click the Sydrified Flicks icon at the right side of your screen.

With that said, I went to Baguio with my girlfriend and her sister last Sunday to celebrate Cindy’s birthday. Two days and one night is not enough to seriously enjoy Baguio. It just wouldn’t cut it.

Anyway, one of the cool things I learned during my trip is that all butterflies are racists. This is a much cooler fact to blurt out aside from the fact that butterflies spend three weeks as caterpillars and three weeks inside a cocoon.

If you think I’m absurd to blurt out about the racist shtick, check out this video to find out why.

It sucks that we came at the time where the butterflies are in “hibernation” mode. It helped me admire their species even more though.  

Game over.


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