The Draft's Mystery Man

I am still a little sceptic on this guy but I may be checking myself in his bandwagon. Fact is, despite the Fil-Am hate from a bunch of Filipino hoop lovers, everyone is checking out the next Mark Caguioa to take the league by storm.

By the way, people call him tsunami.

Storm is in a way related to tsunami.


Julius Pasculado’s name has popped a bunch of times on my site and I just can’t figure out why. Now I do. The guy is putting in a show in the 2011 PBA Rookie Camp. With the Smart-Gilas boys resting in the sidelines, he is doing his best to sway at least a late first round citation.

In the NJCAA website, the 24-year-old kid born in Cebu City but was raised in Chicago is listed at 5’10 – a shade under Caguioa and a shade over Jimmy Alapag. Playing for Wilbur Wright, Pasculado averaged 15.1 points, 1.9 rebounds, 6.3 assists, and 1.7 steals per game. He has a good free throw percentage (88%), a nice field goal percentage (50%), and a pretty respectable 3-point shooter (35%).  

I like Pasculado’s chances if he makes the Alaska roster. Maybe one reason why B-Meg is scrambling for the fifth pick is because they want to claim his services. And then there’s Powerade, Rain or Shine, Shopinas, Barako Bull, and even Petron that needs a combo guard that can deliver the punches.

The mystery has struck in the draft and everyone is excited at the outcome.

Game over.


  1. Sid,
    You were the first to write about him, in case he shows up on PBAs top players in the future.
    Anyways, I'm not familiar w/ Fil Am player and Pinoy relationship but Ju is a Cebu born who always had dreams on becoming a pro there. He is still pinoy by heart (didnt move here til 15). The only American culture this boy adapted is basketball.

  2. hehe. neat. a compliment!

    like i said, it's nice to see new faces doing great things. i just hope he made enough steam to make the coaches drool and hopefully he lands on a team that will use his potential.

  3. Julius Pasculado aka The Tsunami aka JuJu is the coldest rawest player in the draft!!! one on one it's Murder!!! double team him, he's dropping Dimes!!! Real Baller from the Chi!!! Fast Don't Lie!!!

  4. wow... you're very enthusiastic! :)

  5. Syd, maybe an exclusive pic of Ju for you? Haha this pic of him totoy na totoy sha. No wonder some Powerade fans called him malamya! Lol he is all muscle. He is lean because he said bulk makes him slow. That's why everything he wears are light... Prefers is Kobes and now the new light DRose shoes. ;) Email address? ;)

  6. Jonas get yo bench pressin lookin ass boy lil boosie lookin ass boy no payin 5 bux at horner havin ass boy lol

  7. hmm... yeah... i think it's safe to say that at least seven teams have more fans than powerade so unless the team gets out of their semifinal slump, expect it still to be a bit minimal.

  8. on the jonas guy:

    i have no idea on what you're saying.

  9. spot on yung Alaska mo Sid! good job!

  10. not really. nilagay ko siya sa 11th thinking that the buzz he generated is enough to make him higher.