Dumb Arse, Squint and Four Eyed Driver on the loose

I saw this on 24 Oras. I was kind of shocked why the driver did that. That part of Quezon City submerged when Typhoon Ondoy struck. I think every driver and non-driver near those parts knows that Mother Ignacia Street is a flood magnet.

Which brings us to this guy.

Instead of admitting his mistake, he trashed the government, the bystanders, and GMA News reporter Jun Veneracion. Sure, admitting this on live TV is funny... but this is better than becoming whiny and annoying.

He also shouldn’t blame all the social networks for his sudden popularity. 

With the bad weather and the crappy happenings in and out of the country, this is the moment the internet is waiting for.

Sure, his ignorance might have cost him at least 10,000 pesos...

But I’m definitely sure he learned a lesson here. 

It's not about learning the streets of Manila... or driving a 4x4 instead of a car... 

Come to think of it, did he even thank the people that helped him push his car off the flood? 

Game over.


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