Everything CGI these days!

The producers have money to burn. 

You know you’re starting to get awesome if people are trying to CGI your boobs.

Olivia Wilde has this sex scene on The Change Up and in that scene Ryan Reynolds (yes, I am blaming Ryan Reynolds) wrongfully exposed the pasties that was supposedly to cover her nipples. While the House star is no stranger to “fascinating” endeavours, her contract for the movie states nothing about her exposing her boobs.

So because of this problem, the producers did the sanest of all things – produce a nipple.

Wilde said the producers have to “audition” the nipple that greatly resembles her. That’s kind of weird considering that she has already stripped in front of the camera and a bunch of guys intently copying that particular scene... watching it closely with every inch and detail is seriously creepy.

Whatever happened to basic stripping? Since when did a body of the actual person is wrong? You see it has been happening for some time now. The Rise of the Planet of the Apes ape for one is awesome. And then there’s Chris Evans in Captain America. But if the producers doesn’t need Wilde to expose, then they should have just incorporated that to the story.

How James Franco interacts with THE ape. 

But then again right – all’s well and it also ended well. But is this the theme we’ll expect in our technology-driven entertainment scene?

I have a friend who does this thing where she “renovates” a person’s feature frame by frame and it’s kind of hard. I mean it’s like those election posters that have the face of a very young and vibrant politician and then you find out that the picture was heavily-doctored and in reality the young politician looks older than your mother.

Skinny Chris Evans. 

Wearing 3D glasses while watching a movie has become too basic for my liking and maybe I’m just going to swallow the fact that the opportunities are limitless when it concerns movie-making.

I wonder how long it would take for the Philippines to have this shtick.

Game over.


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