Gwapology: Stealth

One of the hardest things a person can do is to shut his mouth. Talking is like opening a verbal Pandora’s Box. It destroys the mystery and it often results to misery. Nothing good happens when you blurt out a random thought in the wrong place and the wrong time.

Time and time again, I remind people of choosing their words wisely. As a blogger I have seen a bunch of rants and raves regarding my works. I’ve tone down in exposing my personal endeavours and in some ways, my tirades on big people. I am not afraid to construct a bunch of sentences but I also need to check out the repercussions for my actions.

Which brings me this – Gwapology!


I have this blog that “teaches” people a bunch of things on how I would tackle various projects. My technique resulted from observation, experimentation, and Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

Basically, when you do something, expect backlash.

Stealth is a very simple yet very effective way in drawing romance. For some insane reason, it is a aphrodisiac especially for people who likes to relish “The Chase”. The Chase can be defined as the events leading to “The Answer” and while it is long and tedious for people who are unsure of the turnout, it is fun and memorable for those who think that they are already “in”.

Whoever said proclaiming your love early would get the girl of your dreams... is an idiot that does not deserve to live. In courting, grasping the air of all living things is essential. The less people kept in the loop, the more foolproof your plan will be. Concealing your intentions will not only rid you of all the people “trying” to help you (or her)... it will also be easier for you to have your life return to normal after she says no.

But here’s the thing – stealth is also a great way to give you the signal on whether or not the girl is into you.

Based on experiences that I cannot say further, if the girl thinks you’re a potential lover, she will do whatever she can to protect you. She will not let people ridicule you and also for her interests, she will forward with caution. She will then test the person if he or she (lesbian lovers!!) can be a doable person to parade in front of her friends. Basically, she’ll also learn to do things via stealth or whatever ploy you are doing to hide your mission to other people.

The reason why I learned stealth is because in high school I foolishly tried to go all out on a person by acting like I was Tom Cruise jumping the couch on Oprah and I failed miserably. I will brag to my classroom and I would give in on things they want me to do. I will sing, act smug and approach her, and even flaunt myself to her school bus that is seen by so many people... and is making her uncomfortable! All of a sudden I saw my chances slipping and I realized that she does not to be with I was then – a walking comic relief! Years later, I learned that she could have said yes but she also considered what I giant buffoon I was. By this time however, I learned that saying less means having more.

Only through my affiliation with my “puppet master” Geist did I learn to read the situation well and unleash scenarios to better my situation. 

So if you think shouting your love to this girl in front of her friends is a bright idea... believe me, you just destroyed your chances. The only possible reversal you can do is by lying low and re-launching yourself. Dignity is hard to get back though, the more you see your erstwhile target and the friends that revolve around her, the harder it gets to re-construct your tarnished image. The people you have been confiding to maybe confiding your secrets to other people complete with the occasional analysis and nit-picking of every idiotic move you can make.

Then the next possible move is to claim a hotter person and succeed in courting her. 

And then if you’re still an idiot, the wheel of stupidity will continue.

Game over. 


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