Hollywood Takes a Stand on Planking

So this is what planking looks like. Wikipedia defines planking as an exercise that involves holding to a position. However, a bunch of doofuses made the exercise into a joke. All of a sudden it became a fad where people are photographed lying face down in unusual surfaces.

Check these shots out if you’re looking for visual aids.

Anyway, a bunch of Hollywood stars led by David Henrie, Cody Horn, Kyle Gallner, Sara Paxton, Marieffe Jaffe, Lindsey Broad, Caitlin Crosby, and Jake Abel made this PSA that condones planking. They call their stand – Straight Up: Take a Stand against Planking.

Check out the clip taken from Funny or Die.


By the way, even if they stop people from planking, a bigger threat looms.

Game over.


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