Hontiveros out of Gilas?

Chris Tiu resisted the PBA lure by sticking with Smart-Gilas.  

Dondon Hontiveros on the other hand, is on his way out.

The Cebuano Hotshot, an important asset to the Team Pilipinas’ cause, wants out of the squad. Hopefully the reports aren’t final and Hontiveros gets a chance to help the country to go to the London Olympics. At this stage of preparations, the LAST thing that SHOULD happen is dissention in the ranks. Distractions appear left and right with Smart-Gilas choosing who they should and shouldn’t retain, Gilas hopefuls thinking on whether or not they’ll withdraw their applications, Gilas hopefuls thinking whether or not joining the draft is a smart move...

And then this.

Through second-hand reports it looks like that the 2011 Jones Cup stint will be the last international action Hontiveros will do as a member of Smart-Gilas. Reports stated that Smart-Gilas coach Rajko Toroman went berserk on Hontiveros which fuelled the many-time Mythical member to ditch the national team. Online sources also said that Toroman likes to pick on “weaklings”. Toroman likes his players strong-willed and that will never back down.

Dondon Hontiveros perhaps tranced to his college days where he was a no-namer that was unsure if he’ll become a star or not.

I think this is the reason why Toroman needs to have players with very little egos. If you look at it, maybe this is why Rabeh Al-Hussaini didn’t shine in this squad and Japeth Aguilar is not invited to return for a crack at the 2014 FIBA-Asia Championships.

Broadsheet reports say though that fatigue and preparations for the upcoming PBA season was his biggest qualms that forced him to say goodbye to the program.  

But let’s face it – that drama is unlikely true.

In their final test, which is a Doha pocket tourney, Gilas saved Tiu and prospective top choice JV Casio for Talk N Text’s Ryan Reyes and Larry Fonacier.

If it was me, I’ll see Hontiveros’ resignation as a welcome development. Now it’s certain that when Jimmy Alapag, Kelly Williams, and Ranidel de Ocampo will join the squad, it’s Dylan Ababou and Jason Ballesteros going to the reserved list. Hontiveros however has an extremely high basketball IQ and his leadership qualities may be extremely valuable for the National team. 

But if they’re searching for a go-to-shooting guard, I’m going to say that it’s a tossup between James Yap and Solomon Mercado.

As of this moment, Toroman only has Marcus Douthit and JV Casio as his regular scorers. If they can still get Honti, fine. But if they couldn’t, they need to develop a consistent third scorer to bolster their chances.

Game over.


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