Is there a chance for us to get NBA imports?

A couple of months back, current Orlando Magic guard Gilbert Arenas tweeted that if was to play overseas, he wants to check out the PBA.

While the Smart All-Star Weekend failed to give him a return flight to the country, maybe Agent Zero, Hibachi, Mr. President, or whatever Gilbert Arenas is calling himself these days can get the opportunity to play in the league as an import... for a particular time.

September is just around the corner and the NBA lockout is not ending soon. Calculating the timetable, the owners and the players must agree on their collective bargaining agreement (CBA) before the second week of September hits or else the lockout would start to eat up the league’s 82-game season. Unlike in the PBA where the typical start of the calendar happen comes at draft time, the NBA starts its season with free agency. It should have been the draft actually but since the draft is already over with players like Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams unsure on how their rookie season would happen, the preseason festivities will get pushed and pushed. In the July 1 deadline already in the works, the NBA’s preseason is getting eaten up and fans are restless on the turnout.

If Manny V. Pangilinan can bring a bunch of NBA stars for an exhibition match, maybe teams can find the means to get these superstars to play for the PBA.

Even for just a game.

Or two maybe.

Give them the out clause when the NBA resumes their life again. Sure, this would suck the hell out of the PBA’s credibility but imagine the advertising these guys would get! Even twenty minutes of playing time can give the league a fresh bunch of moolah. 

If China can do it, why can't the PBA? 

While China has engineered a long-term contract for the NBA players trying to suit up for the Chinese Basketball Association to perhaps scare off "vacationing" NBA stars, the move managed to be lucrative even more for unemployed NBA stars. Wilson Chandler, a NBA star on the rise, has signed up with CBA's Zhejiang Guangsha

The PBA should start with the Commissioner’s Cup on October 2 and just make the All-Filipino Conference their season-ending tourney.

The only problem is, which NBA superstar with the right mind would want to risk their health to play in the PBA?

This is where I like Philippine basketball so much. And perhaps this is why we can do wonders in the world of rugby. Filipinos are born bruisers. From the MICAA to the PBA to the MBA, PBL, Liga Pilipinas, and now the D-League, it has been reported time and time again of Filipinos would want to get at awe with one player then chop him senseless in the next.

If it’s not physical ownage, then it has to be emotional. I can see a bunch of people booing a player and going all out in stopping that particular guy. A blocked shot or a steal would send an arena to a frenzy!  Fans will riot at the sight of a NBA player going berserk on non-calls and would get shocked at the different tricks players would try just to get on a player’s case.

But hey, if people are seriously considering this, I’m going to pay big money to see Mark Caguioa and Lebron James exchange baskets.

Game over.


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