Last Two Minutes

Thanks to the Video 48 site, I stumbled on this.

I think this is the Coach Carter of Philippine Cinema *cough* *sarcasm* *cough*. This is an epic struggle that starts out with a rags to riches tale, and then a Samson and Delilah angle, which ends up to an epic battle of good and evil.

Funny how people diss me whenever I say this is an art movie. 

*cough* *sarcasm* *cough* 

This art film stars basketball greats Alvin Patrimonio, Jerry Codinera, and Bong Alvarez. The story is all about three country boys who has the height but doesn’t have the talent. They got hired to be custodians at a college with a bumbling basketball program. Because of their good heart, a magical midget who turns into a ball (this is the launching movie vehicle of Mahal) gave them the abilities to become awesome basketball players.

The movie also starred comedy legends Roderick Paulete and Rene Requiestas, screen darlings Ruffa Gutierrez, Carmina Villarroel, and Aiko Melendez, then-teen stars Aljon Jimenez, Jeffrey Santos, and Zoren Legaspi, and established actresses like Janice de Belen, Maricel Laxa, and Alice Dixson. Benjie Paras, a former 2-time PBA MVP and a current comedian, debuted in this movie as a full-haired slamming priest.

I think the movie grossed well and because of its success, Regal Entertainment gave a go-signal for the film to become a TV series.

I wonder if I can score and download this movie online.

Game over.


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